Spring-school in Bioinformatics & Population Genomics

Practicals for the May/June 2016 Spring School in Bioinformatics & Population Genomics organized by the SIB PhD Training Network and the Staromics and Ecology-Evolution doctoral programs.


We suppose that you are able at ease:

Virtual Machine image

Our colleagues at Vital-IT prepared a Virtual Machine Image that contains software and data. Use it by loading it into Virtual Box. For detailed explanations and troubleshooting, check the main course info page.

It may be feasible to do some of this stuff on a your favorite cluster or your local machine. However, it will be complicated. Among other things you’ll need to install a bunch of software and data. Better to just use the Virtual Machine.



These practicals were put together by:

Thanks to Robin Engler, Ivan Topolsky and Vassilios Ioannidis & Vital-IT for putting together the Virtual Machine image for this course. And big credit to Gregoire Rossier for handling all the logistics of everything.