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Practicals for Sept/Oct 2020 Genome Bioinformatics module at qmul.

Prerequisites (we’ll cover this sepeartely)

We suppose that you are at ease:



Computers should be set up as necessary to do all of this. It may alternatively be possible to do all of this on Apocrita or on QMUL’s Linux VDI (Virtual Desktop). It could also be feasible to do some of this stuff on a your favorite cluster or your local machine. However, it will be complicated. Among other things you’ll need to install a bunch of software and data.


The initial version of this practical was put together by * Yannick Wurm @yannick__ * Oksana Riba-Grognuz’ contributions for the 2012 edition of this course

It was heavily heavily heavily revised and improved thanks to efforts and new content by

Special thanks to Tom King, Tom Bradford, Simon Butcher, Sam Court, ITS and ITSResearch for setting up computers and clusters at QMUL so they just work.

Things used in other versions of this course: