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May Taiwan Conf & June genome updates

Had a great two weeks visiting John Wang’s lab at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, and join National Taiwan University’s International Symposium on Social Insects for wonderfully stimulating talks by Jo Billen, Lars Chittka, James Nieh, Kenji Matsuura & Bob Vander Meer. The symposium gave me the opportunity to share some thoughts about sequencing genomes with high throughput technologies in the journal of the Taiwan Entomological Society, Formosan Entomologist.

Taiwan International Symposium on Social Insects

In genomic news, the Acromyrmex echinatior _leafcutter ant genome, led by Sanne Nygaard & Koos Boosma is _in press! The data are already on Fourmidable; and Fourmdiable’s ant genome BLAST interface was updated to the latest SequenceServer.

June 9, 2011