Ants, Bees, Genomes & Evolution @ Queen Mary University London

Team of social insect & genomics researchers

Raphael leon

BBSRC funded London Interdisciplinary Doctoral program (LIDo) PhD student researching ant behaviours.

Alicja Witwicka

London NERC DTP PhD student investigating effects of pesticides on gene expression in solitary bees. [Twitter]

Anindita Brahma

Marie Sklodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellow. Interested in the evolution of social behaviour in ants and social wasps. [Twitter] [Google scholar]

Anurag Priyam

PhD student. Interested in genome evolution, gene expression, and user-centric research software development. Lead developer of SequenceServer (BLAST server), oswitch (virtual environments for reproducible analyses), Afra (crowd-sourced curation of gene models). [Twitter] [Personal page]

Federico López-Osorio

Postdoctoral researcher. Evolutionary genomics of social wasps and bumblebees.

Gabriel Hernandez-Gomez

PhD student co-funded by Colfuturo. I am interested in answering evolutionary questions through the understanding of genomes. I studied chordates immune system in the past and now I am happy to explore the fire ants and their supergene.

Guy Mercer

London NERC DTP PhD student investigating off-target effects of pesticides, their effects on gene expression and the use of transcriptomics for environmental monitoring. [Twitter] [LinkedIn]

Magdalena Ines Schacht

QMUL funded PhD stundent. I am studying the evolution and development of sensory organs in arthropods in collaboration with Dr. Angelika Stollewerk. MSc Developmental, Neural and Behavioural Biology Georg-August-University of Göttingen; BSc Biology Georg-August-University of Göttingen.

Marian Karl Priebe

LIDO BBSRC funded PhD student. I am studying how to infer gene function for emerging model organisms. MSc Bioinformatics, QMUL; BA Natural Science, University of Cambridge. [Twitter]

Raphaella Jackson

QMUL funded PhD student. Investigating the genomic basis of host-symbiont dependency in ants in collaboration with Dr. Lee Henry. BSc in Genetics (University of Georgia), BA in French (University of Georiga), MSc in Bioinformatics (Queen Mary University of London).

Siv Lund Leknes

MSc Bioinformatics student at QMUL. Currently investigating the transcriptomics of ant queen spermatheca. BSc in Molecular Medicine from Aarhus University, Denmark.

Yannick Wurm

PI. Interested in evolutionary genomics, social evolution; strong bioinformatics track record. [2-page Curriculum Vitae PDF]. Some invited talks, teaching material and publications. [Twitter]


Joe Colgan

Postdoctoral researcher interested in examining how organisms respond to environmental stressors through the use of genomic, molecular and computational techniques. [Google Scholar] [Researchgate]. Now Postdoc @ Cork.

Fabio Manfredini

Postdoc with Elli Leadbeater.


Rodrigo Pracana

Queen Mary University of London funded doctoral student, studying the evolution of the fire ant's social chromosome system. Interested in genome evolution and population genetics. [Scholar] [LinkedIn] [ORCID] [Twitter]. Now Postdoc with Peter Holland at Oxford.

Iwo Pieniak

MSc Bioinformatics student. Working on implementation of new features to the SequenceServer. MSc Genomic Medicine, University of Southampton.

Kishor Dhaygude

Helsinki team ANTZZ-based occasional visitor to the lab. Now Bioinformatician (Clinical Research Data Analyst) - University of Helsinki.

Gino Brignoli

Postgraduate research assistant studying the evolution of social structures in the Yellow Meadow Ant. Interests include eco-evolutionary dynamics, conservation science and taxonomy. MSc Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, QMUL; BSc Biodiversity & Conservation, Birkbeck. [Twitter] [LinkedIn]. Now PhD student on NERC DTP.

Abdoulie Kanteh

QMUL Masters Project 2017. Now Higher Scientific Officer at MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM.

Bruno Vieira

Queen Mary University of London funded doctoral student. Interested in Bioinformatics, Genomics and Web Development. Founder of [Website] [GitHub] [Twitter] [Blog] [Personal Page]. Now data scientist at Resurgo genetics.

Leandro Rodrigues Santiago

MSc Genetics, Universidade de São Paulo (2013), Brazil. PhD student at QMUL, funded by Science Without Borders, CNPq, Brazil. Research interests: population genetics, molecular biology, epigenetics and bioinformatics. [Curriculum Vitae]. Now Bioinformatician Postdoc at William Harvey Research Institute

Ismail Moghul

Bioinformatics Masters Student. Now Lido BBSRC DTP PhD student. Interested in Bioinformatics, Genetics underlying Biomedical Diseases and Neurobiology. [GitHub]

Isabel Fletcher

LIDO BBSRC-funded rotation PhD student (placement). Now PhD student at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medecine.

Esteban Alberto Gomez Cifuentes

MSc Bioinformatics student from QMUL. I am studying the balancing selection in insects and the use of different methodologies to identify it. Now Bioinformatician at the Lipid Mediator Unit of the William Harvey Research Institute

Emeline Favreau

NERC-funded doctoral student from London DTP. Insect evolution, social adaptation, bioinformatics. [Twitter] [Curriculum Vitae PDF] [Website]

Carlos Martinez Ruiz

BSc University of Valencia, Spain; MSc Ecology and Evolutionary Biology QMUL. Current PhD student funded by the London NERC DTP. Using the genetic structure underlying social polymorphism in ants as an independent test of our understanding on sexual chromosome evolution. [DTP profile] [Twitter]

Eckart Stolle

Postdoc (Marie Curie IEF) interested in the mechanisms underlying evolution of genomes, chromosomes and genes in relation to behavior, castes and sociality. [Google Scholar] [ORCID] [Personal page]. Now junior group leader at Halle.

Natalia Araujo

PhD student visitor from Cristina Arias' lab at University of Sao Paolo. Now staff scientist at Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Unit, Universit&eactue; Libre de Bruxelles.

Catherine Okuboyejo

MSc Bioinformatics student. Investigating unique features of newly sequenced genomes. BSc Biochemistry, University of Surrey.

Valentine Patterson

Msc Ecology and Evolutionary Genomics student at QMUL, studying the molecular diagnostics of pollinator health.

Richard Burns

MSc Bioinformatics student. BSc Biology graduate from University of Northampton. Working on individual-based forward genetic evolutionary simulations in haplodiploids

Margot Hamelin

Engineering student in Biosciences and Biotechnologies at INSA de Lyon, France. Studying genotyping methods.

Former project students