Ants, Bees, Genomes & Evolution @ Queen Mary University London

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Gabriel Hernandez-Gomez PhD student

Queen Mary University of London PhD student co-funded by Colfuturo. I am interested in answering evolutionary questions through the understanding of genomes. I studied chordates immune system in the past and now I am happy to explore the fire ants and their supergene.


  1. Identification of protein domains on putative ancestral subgenomic regions associated with genes of the immune system in the subphylum Tunicata using as reference genes of human cell-lines previously mapped on *Botryllus schlosseri*. 2018 G Hernandez-Gomez, Clara Bermúdez. Third Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance Research Conference and Workshop, Willemstad, Curaçao. October 2018
  2. Development of a computational strategy to identify protein domains in genomic sub-regions associated with the human adaptive immune system in Tunicates 2018 G Hernandez-Gomez, Clara Bermúdez. Colombian Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , Bogota, Colombia. November 2018