Ants, Bees, Genomes & Evolution @ Queen Mary University London

Keeping up with reading newly published articles

What is it? We called it the Index, it is our monthly reading review, tailored to our areas of interest and research.

Why do you do it? Because there are so many articles being published it can be quite difficult to keep up with reading new material. We want to increase our general knowledge of important questions, techniques and discoveries in our wider research areas while decreasing the likelihood of missing any relevant “key papers”. We are also keen to efficiently help each other out by sharing our readings. Finally, we are getting to read more broadly - including topics outside our comfort zone.

How does it work? Each month, each Wurmlab member gets a list of three journals to review from our own journal generator. The script is on Github here. Three articles that are relevant to the group or a particular lab member are picked form each journal’s table of contents. These articles are added to a document that anyone in the lab group can read at any time.

Great, where can I see an example? See the last instalment of the Index here.

February 20, 2018