Ants, Bees, Genomes & Evolution @ Queen Mary University London

The Wurmlab at the Tower Hamlets Festival of Communities

Fantastic Minibeasts and where to find them

This year the Wurm Lab were out in force at the annual Festival of Communities held in Stepney Green Park on Saturday 12 May. We brought some of our lab colonies of social invertebrates to demonstrate differences in social complexity including: Messor barbarus ants, Bombus terrestris bumblebees, and Stegodyphus dumicola social spiders. We had a fantastic time talking to the public about our research, taking groups around the park on minibeast safaris, and running a kids’ craft table where solitary bee hotels made from recycled drinks cartons were beautifully decorated. It was an immensely enjoyable day meeting people from the local community and some very enthusiastic and inspiring future scientists.

May 18, 2018