Ants, Bees, Genomes & Evolution @ Queen Mary University London

Succesful PhD & MSc completions & new members

Long time no update (!)

Party Time!

Huge congratulations for the labs three new 2019 PhD graduates:

Similarly, big congrats to the four MSc students we hosted in 2019: Valentine Patterson and Richard Burns are now pursuing PhDs (respectively in Mainz and at Kings College). Iwo Pieniak and Catherine Okuboyejo are now data engineers.

All will be sorely missed.

Additional congrats to the lab’s former postdocs Joe Colgan and Eckart Stolle, who have or are both moved to new junior group leader positions in Germany.


Simultaneously we have welcomed a bunch of happy faces: Gabriel Hernandez-Gomez, Alicja Witwicka and Guy Mercer as new PhD students, and Anindita Brahma as a new Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow. We look forward to working together!


As detailed on our phd and postdoc opportunities page, we are always eager to work with bright & motivated people, regardless what your background. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We will soon have an opening for a BBSRC-funded postdoctoral position looking at the molecular mechanisms underpinning the ability of pollinators to respond to environmental challenges. Stay tuned.

April 25, 2020